Enrolment - Transfers

School transfers from one state school site to another school should occur at;

  • The start of the school year (before the first day of school) or
  • The middle of the school year (before term 3 commences).

Transfers outside this arrangement should meet the following conditions;

  • The student residence changes and is now closer to a different government school (where requested).
  • A transfer is sought from an Australian school outside the state system.
  • A transfer is requested (other than in those instances cited above) by a parent/guardian and the Principal of each school involved supports the request.
  • A student is expelled from a school. For students of compulsory school age, the principal of the school from which the student has been expelled is responsible for ensuring enrolment in another school or registered training organization; in consultation with the regional office. For all other transfers where the parent appeals against the Principal’s decision to not enroll the transferring principal makes recommendations to the Regional Director and the Regional Director determines approval.