Curriculum - Camps & Excursions


The camping program is an opportunity for children to learn independence. The following school camps are scheduled and booked annually. The estimated costs are as follows:

Term 1 Grade 5 & 6 Canberra (three nights) 2015 $380 or Ballarat (three nights) 2016 TBC

Term 1 Grade 4 Fifteen Mile Creek (two nights) $200

Term 1 Grade 3 Wymah Holiday Park (one night) $150

Term 3 Grade 5&6 Camp Out & Outdoor Education Program $ 50

Term 3 Grade 3-6 State School Spectacular (three nights) $400 Excursions

Class Excursions

Children will have the opportunity to participate in incursions and or excursions each term. The costs vary but a guide is $60 per year, with and addional cost of $80 for school swimming. Increasing levels of sport participation also incurs great costs at the higher levels (above grade 3).