Curriculum - Sport and Outdoor Education


Our school has a special interest in sport and physical activity. The staff value regular exercise and its contribution to the overall health and wellbeing of young people and communities.

Our school aims to:
Conduct a quality sport and physical education program. 
Encourage and support sport initiatives particularly those that connect students with their community. 
Seek and provide opportunities for everyone to be physically active outside scheduled classes and,
To create a school environment that supports and encourages sport and physical activity.

We hold the basic belief that all classes should participate in exercise on a daily basis for a student’s health and well being. The old adage of a healthy body helps create a healthy mind is still very relevant. Regular running, athletics, cross country, minor and major ball games and their associated skills, swimming, soccer, netball, tee ball, cricket, dance and football, are all activities and opportunities for our students to participate.

Team spirit and a sense of belonging is engendered by taking part in many sporting activities. School sport excursions are supported by school staff at the Kiewa Valley and the Wodonga level of competition for athletics, swimming, winter sports and cross country. Parents are responsible for travel, supervision and costs beyond this level of competition.