Community - School Staff


The school staff in 2018 consist of the following people;


Principal: Ms Donna Wright

Assistant Principal: Mrs Laura Presely

Business Manager: Mrs Mary-Anne Dodgson

Teaching Staff:

Mr Thomas Whitehead - Head of Junior School

Ms Janet Mahood - Senior Learning Specialist

Ms Ashleigh Jones

Mr Ben Pernigotto 

Mr David Bishop


Mr Stephen Hall - Head of Middle School

Mrs Michelle Draper 

Ms Olivia Shiels


Ms Kiera Hayes - Head of Senior School

Mr Adam Lawrence

Mr Brett Ley

Ms Ebony Morris


Mrs Lisa Ryan - Library and Professional Learning Release

Ms Cindy Chalmers - Library and Sport

Mr Colin Chambers - Gifted Education and Music

Mrs Glenda Boyer - LOTE

Mrs Tania Worrall - Art and Music

Ms Vanessa Delaine Music Instructor (Voice, Keyboard)

Mr Phil Quirk Music Instructor (Guitar, Drums)

Support Staff

Mrs Julie Gifkins

Ms Annette Hatch

Mrs Anita Valta

Mrs Jodie Columbera 

Ms Tara Street