Curriculum - ICT

At our school we have more than 60 computers for staff and student use. Our grade 6 students have access to 12 laptops (Grade 5-6 room in preparation for high school) and grade 4&5 class also have a computer access to more than 12 desktops. Our school values the use of technology as a research tool, a tool for creativity and design and for work processing. The school has additional ipads and tablets for student use. We use educational programs across the curriculum, including Microsoft Office, Inspiration and education software, Movie Maker, Mathletics, Study Ladder and many more education specific programs to enhance learning opportunities for students. The computers are set in classrooms and are integrated into the classroom lessons. Students are encouraged and provided with opportunities to ‘go beyond’ general classroom learning where they are free to investigate and extend their knowledge and understanding. The classrooms all have electronic whiteboards and or digital projectors for teacher and student use. The interactive whiteboards are one of the most sophisticated tools used in education and allow for individual and group collaboration whilst using ICT. The interactive boards stimulate engagement and the active use of current knowledge and research in the classroom. Bandiana Primary School staff believes that children need to keep abreast of the newest technologies. The world is changing quickly and it is our responsibility to ensure we are preparing our children for their future.