Enrolment - Fees and Charges

Bandiana Primary charges an annual fee of $40 per family. This is a voluntary contribution and supports the learning of all children. The school booklist will cost $130 - $150 annually. Statements will to be sent out each term and include any additional charges for school activities, however all camps and excursions should be paid in advance.

The School Council recognises that from time to time families will suffer financial difficulties and families who are experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to lodge an application in writing for financial assistance to assist with school costs. The Council and Principal will consider applications on a confidential basis. This group will usually accept parent payment plans if there are no current outstanding charges on the family account.

The estimated costs of school extras are below (Based on 2015). This list should be used as a guide only. Excursions will be $50 per term Swimming Program (8 sessions) $80 Private Music Lessons $20 per lesson Grade 5&6 $380 Camp (3 nights to either Canberra or Ballarat) Grade 5&6 $30 Outdoor Education and Camp Out Grade 4 $200 Camp (2 nights 15 Mile Creek) Grade 3 $150 Camp (1 night The Great Aussie Resort)