Enrolment - Fees and Charges

School Costs Overview

Victorian government schools must provide students with free instruction and ensure students have free access to all items, activities and services that are used by the school to fulfil the curriculum requirements in the 8 key learning areas as outlined in the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

School councils may request parents make voluntary financial contributions towards the cost of schooling under 2 categories: Curriculum Contributions and Other Contributions.

School councils may invite parents to purchase Extra-Curricular Items and Activities – items, activities and services that enhance or broaden the schooling experience of students and are additional to or outside of the school’s delivery of the Curriculum (including alternative forms of instruction). These are provided on a user-pays basis.

School councils may invite parents to supply or purchase their own educational items to use and to own. If a student does not provide or purchase their own educational items, the school must ensure the student has free access to what is needed at school to access the school’s delivery of the Curriculum, in this case students may share school text books provided by the school. 

Voluntary Contribution $60.00

Bandiana Primary charges an annual fee of $60.00 per child. This is a voluntary contribution and supports the learning of all children. It contributes to presenting our schoolyard and upgrading toys and equipment for children's play at lunch and snack breaks.

Educational Items for Students to Own $160:00 - $200.00

The school booklist will cost up to $160.00 - $200.00 annually, and our school third party supplier is Maxim. Parents must make payments directly to Maxim to purchase books from the schoolbook list. Books will be delivered to the school for your convenience.

Educational items for students to own are items sold by a third party that have a specific curriculum purpose and that students take individual possession of, such as textbooks, calculators, stationery, and digital devices. Parents may select to purchase from a supplier of their choice, as the items required will be individually listed. 

Optional Extra-Curricular Items and Activities

These items are extra curriculum events, activities and articles; they are optional and must be paid in advance. 
Optional excursions will be approximately $20 per term.
Optional Swimming Lessons (2 sessions) $25.
Optional Private Music Lessons $25 per lesson.

Camps (Term 1 &2)

Grade 6 $400 Camp (3 nights)

Grade 5 $400 Camp (2 nights)

Grade 4 $200 Camp (1 night) 

The School Council recognises that families will suffer financial difficulties from time to time. Families experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to apply in writing for financial assistance to assist with school costs. The school has avenues for gaining support from charitable organisations and can assist in making applications on behalf of a family.