Enrolment - Uniform and Guidelines

Your child must wear full school uniform to school which can be purchased from Brunella School Wear, South Street, Wodonga or Beleza School Clothes, High Street, Wodonga. Please make sure your child has a navy broad brimmed hat. These shops are the only shops that stock the Bandiana Primary School uniform.

Children are to wear comfortable school shoes or runners with white or navy socks. Please do not modify the uniform in anyway. Uniforms must be labelled with your child’s name. School uniform is compulsory and is endorsed by School Council.

Girls Summer Uniform

Navy Skorts Navy Mesh Shorts Dress - Blue and white check with yellow

Navy Polo with Yellow Stripe and school logo

Girls Winter Uniform

Navy Bootleg Pants Winter Skirt - Navy with thin yellow stripe

Navy Polo with Yellow Stripe and school logo

Boys Pants Winter Uniform

Navy Cargo Pants Long

Navy Polo with Yellow Stripe and school logo

Boys Summer Uniform

Boys Cargo Shorts Boys Mess Shorts

Boys and Girls Jumpers, Rain Coat and Hat School

Polar Fleece Vest with school logo

School Polar Fleece Jacket with school logo

Navy Winter Rain Jacket Hats - Navy Broad Brim (no caps)

You will also need to supply your child with an art smock.