Our School - Vision and Values

Children at Bandiana have numerous opportunities to shine.Our school vision is to pursue excellence.

Our school values are as follows

Academic and Personal Excellence;

Excellence in Music; the Arts and Culture;

Excellence in Sport and Outdoor Pursuits;

Development of High Esteem and Confidence;

A Futures Based Learning Approach and

Partnerships with Parents.

Our first priority is school academic performance based on sound educational principles. We expect to develop children that have positive literacy and numeracy skills. We encourage home study (homework), nightly reading and mathletics.

We value the arts and have all children participating in dance and music. Children can also participate in private tuition in music in the area of voice, guitar, drums and keyboard.

Children should be active and we promote daily physical activity. We have a school sports that include cross country running, athletics, team sports and an eight day swimming program. We are committed to a formal camping program starting in grade 3, have a school set of bikes and tents, and have opportunities for canoeing and other outdoor pursuits.

We have excellent computer access for children. In the junior school children have access to six computers in their classroom and four shared computers. In the senior school children have twelve computers in each room, grade 5&6 having access to laptops. The school has interactive whiteboards in each class and a sets of Apple I-pads and Samsung tablets.

At our school we provide an opportunity for children to learn, play and socialise in a safe, non-threatening environment with a clear school discipline policy (Code of Conduct). Children at our school have the opportunity to develop into tomorrow’s leaders. We encourage parents to partner us in each child’s educational journey.