Curriculum - Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Bandiana Primary School prides itself on its academic results and individual student programs. We have been recognized at a national level for an exemplary curriculum and received a national exemplary teacher award in the same year. We have been recognized in the state literacy and numeracy awards for our outstanding numeracy program. Our teachers are focused on providing the best possible outcomes for all children and strive to provide exceptional and exemplary programs to develop student skills. The school curriculum is based on the Ausvels curriculum endorsed and support by the DET. The full curriculum may be accessed online, Specific curriculum outlines for the school may be viewed in consultation with your class teacher or the school curriculum coordinator.

Curriculum Vision and Goals

The school leadership team ensures a school-wide focus on literacy and numeracy improvement by: NAPLAN data analysis at an individual student and item level; Reviewing the school data identifying actions and roles from within this strategy with key leaders, including the coordinators of English, Mathematics, Special Needs, Curriculum and Student Wellbeing; Collaborating with teachers and using student data in literacy and numeracy, to jointly determine professional learning needs for staff.

High Expectations of All Learners

The school leadership team reviews the whole-school plan for student literacy and numeracy. This review includes - Ensuring all programs are evidence-based and are implemented with the prescribed intensity; including the monitoring and review of extension and remediation programs to ensure they are effective.


The school leadership team ensures school accountability measures are completed thoroughly for each year. This includes - Developing and submitting the Annual Implementation Plan, which includes one-year literacy and numeracy targets and analysing the parent and student opinion survey data at a leadership and a school level.

Professional Leadership

The school leadership team ensures the professional learning required stays focused on student needs and meeting the goals and expectations of the DET. Reviewing the Professional Learning Teams and strengthening the structures, to ensure a focus on the learning needs of students